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2021 Forum: The Role of the Environment in Supporting Positive Student Behavior

All behavior occurs within a context, which includes the environment. There may be factors which are PRESENT in the environment, which lead to the demonstration of challenging behavior that need to be changed or modified. Or, there may be factors that are MISSING, which lead to the demonstration of challenging behavior, that need to be added.

Determining these factors allow the educator to identify interventions, supports, or modifications which will reduce the likelihood of the student to need to engage in the problem behavior to get their needs met. Such interventions may be provided universally (class-wide), in a targeted manner (within multi-tiered systems of support approach), or individually (within an individualized plan).

To determine areas of need, the environment can be assessed and analyzed using a variety of tools, such as the Classroom Management: Self-Assessment Revised (Simonsen, et. al.) External link opens in new window or tab. or PENT's Environmental Analysis Tool (DOCX).

Providing training (PDF) to educators on the importance of the environment can help increase buy-in and intervention implementation as it will help to support awareness and understanding of the role of the environment, why recommendations are made, and how these recommendations will result in positive student behavior.

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