Tier 2 SMH

Tier 2 SMH interventions are provided for the 10-25% of students who require support in addition to universal Tier 1 supports. These students have been identified as being at risk of having higher social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs, which if not addressed, could eventually require more intensive Tier 3 interventions.

Tier 2 interventions entail implementing targeted evidence-based interventions matched to student’s skill-based needs for a pre-determined amount of time (e.g., 4-6 weeks). Typically, tier 2 interventions are provided to small groups of students who demonstrate similar needs and/or through a standardized delivery across a group of students with similar needs.

Interventions may include small group counseling or social skills groups, daily report cards, home-school notes, etc. There is often overlap and similarity between tier 2 SMH and tier 2 PBIS interventions.