About Behavior Intervention

PENT is dedicated to maintaining a state-wide community of practitioners who have a similar knowledge base, dedication and passion for creating positive environments and a repertoire of positive methods of changing a student's behavior to support achievement and quality of life for ALL students and staff.

PENT's Guiding Principles Regarding Behavior:

  • Appropriate (desired) and inappropriate (challenging) behaviors are learned
  • Challenging behaviors are related to the context in which they occur
  • Challenging behaviors serve some communicative function for the student
  • Challenging behavior communicates a message when a student may not be able to use a more appropriate form of communication
  • Effective interventions are based on a thorough understanding of the student, including their social contexts, and the function of the challenging behavior
  • Positive behavioral support is grounded in person-centered values

About Behavior Intervention Planning

PENT believes that through the use of a behavior intervention plan paired with individualized proactive supports and strategies, challenging student behavior can be shaped into more comprehensible, safe, and appropriate desired behavior. The information included on the PENT website is not intended to replace training in completing an FBA or writing a BIP, however, it is intended to support awareness, build competency and understanding, and provide professionals with accessible information related to the "Big Ideas" in behavior intervention planning.


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