Essential 10

About the Essential 10

The Essential 10: Essential Components of Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) was developed to support educators in writing behavior intervention plans which are rooted in the science of behavior analysis, contain elements which are shown through research to be best practice, and to satisfy legal requirements of a behavior intervention plan.

This tool is intended to guide those developing BIPs, by providing a rubric to score plans and identify areas of weakness which could lead to an ineffective plan (which would result in failing to produce the targeted/desired behavior change).

The Essential 10 is not intended to replace training in developing BIPs, rather, to ensure the quality of a plan in achieving intended outcomes. Additionally, it does not measure the accuracy of function, nor does it measure the implementation fidelity of a plan.

How to Use the Essential 10

Before, during, or after writing, consult the Essential 10 to find the essential components of a behavior intervention plan. This rubric is designed to be used with whatever BIP form you have access to in your school district. You may have a form which aligns well with the rubric, you may have a form that has additional components, or which is missing some of these essential elements. It is recommended that you ensure that the plan developed includes each of these components, even if it doesn't fit perfectly in a box. There are many places within a BIP where these essential components can fit – use your professional judgement!

Scoring BIPs should be completed by trained professional(s) and requires the use of professional judgement and the ability to think critically about how the different sections of the plan logically relate to each other.

The Scoring Record Sheet is designed to be used record the score for each component along with comments, feedback, or suggestions for improving the plan (as appropriate).

Scoring of a BIP may be completed by the writer or by a colleague who is well versed in ABA, principles of behavior change, and/or who has been trained on using the Essential 10.


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