Training and Consulting

Diagnostic Center Training Calendars

Throughout California, training is provided by the Diagnostic Centers to educators to develop and sustain positive practices in schools, classrooms, and for use in individual behavior plans.

Calendars for trainings provided by the California Department of Education, Diagnostic Centers' specialists:


The PENT Cadre are highly skilled in supporting positive student behavior and are often called on to provide training to educators and other staff regarding positive behavior support. The resources here are provided to support the development of trainings, as well as tips for the actual presentations.

Training Resources


When a student has been identified as exhibiting challenging behavior, oftentimes an outside individual will come into a classroom to observe and provide recommendations for that student, particularly when prior attempts by the teacher and/or school site staff have been unsuccessful.

Consultation is a necessary part of supporting positive student behavior, as many individuals must work together to identify the challenging behavior, develop potential solutions, and support the implementation process.

However, consultants may run into barriers during this process, for a variety of reasons, and must use their skills and strategies to navigate these difficult situations carefully.

Effective collaborative consultation requires the use of many skills, some which may need to be learned or developed, particularly if consulting is a new role. Developing this skill set takes time and practice; the resources on the PENT website are intended to support acquisition of these skills and can be used by those new to consulting or those who have been doing the job for years.

When consultants take the time to build relationships with consultees and use the strategies described here, it can increase the likelihood that recommendations will be implemented, educators will learn new skills to use with challenging students or to support positive behavior, and can help result in a more positive learning environment for all students.

Consulting Resources