Implementation Cheat Sheets

One tool to support implementation is through the development of a cheat sheet. Such a resource is intended to support the adult(s) who is implementing the intervention, outline the steps of the intervention, and provide a structured opportunity for the adult to review their own actions to identify if they did or did not implement the intervention as designed.

The example provided below is an example of how a cheat sheet could be used to support adults who are implementing Check-in/Check-out.

This daily checklist would be filled out by the adult and serves as:

  1. A reminder for the specific behaviors the adult must do when implementing the intervention.
  2. A self-check of if they did it or not perform each step, each day. If the adult fills the form out and realizes that they are consistently not doing a specific step, that would support the team in problem solving what needs to change to get the intervention implemented consistently.


CICO Cheat Sheet (DOCX)


Content on Action and Coping Planning was presented at the 2019 PENT Forum by Dr. Austin Johnson. It has been summarized here to ensure accessibility.