Response Cards

What Are Response Cards?

Response cards can take many shapes and forms but all involve having an object or item that students can hold up to show their response to a question asked by the teacher. Response cards could be individual write on cards/boards (e.g., a small white board) or pre-printed cards (e.g., yes/no, numbers, colors, etc.)

When used, response cards increase student engagement as the teacher is monitoring the whole class to ensure participation; when used consistently and as designed, response cards provide ample opportunities to respond. This, in turn, helps to increase desired behavior (such as student's being on task and participating) and decreases demonstration of challenging behavior.

Response cards allow teachers to monitor student understanding of content; if the majority of students answer a question incorrectly, the teacher will quickly see this and allows for immediate feedback and follow-up instruction.


Opportunities to Respond: Using Response Cards


Response cards have been shown to be effective for a wide variety of students, including those with autism and intellectual disabilityExternal link opens in new window or tab..

Response cards significantly increase student participationExternal link opens in new window or tab..


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