Adapting CICO Based on Function

As designed CICO is appropriate for students who are exhibiting adult attention seeking behavior, as it is an intervention designed to provide consistent, scheduled adult attention. However, it can be adapted to meet the need of other students, whose behavior serves a different function. There are five main components of CICO, and all can be tailored to address a different function:

  • Daily Check-in
  • Use of a DPR
  • Teacher Feedback
  • Daily Checkout
  • Reinforcement

Examples of Adapting CICO

Several studies have examined adapting CICO for different functions of behavior, the results and findings are summarized below.

Resources and References:

Content on adapting CICO to function of behavior was originally presented at the 2019 PENT Forum by Dr. Lisa Sanetti and Dr. Melissa Collier-Meek, and has been summarized here to ensure accessibility.

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