Action and Coping Planning

What is Action and Coping Planning?

A lot of effort goes into identifying and implementing a behavioral intervention or creating a BIP - and much too often, the intervention is unsuccessful.

One reason this may occur is because the team has failed to implement with fidelity - which can be caused by breakdown in the intervention implementation or communication between team members.

Proactively plan for this breakdown, by engaging in action planning and coping planning prior to beginning the intervention, can help support implementation.

Action Planning

Involves proactive discussion about HOW to implement the plan, what steps to take:

  • What modifications need to be made to the plan
  • What resources are needed

Coping Planning

Involves proactive discussions (i.e., BEFORE the intervention breaks down) about barriers:

  • What barriers to implementation exist?
  • How to address these barriers

When implementation planning occurs before beginning interventions, it provides the team an opportunity to foresee the trouble areas and think of solutions before a breakdown occurs.


Content on Action and Coping Planning was presented at the 2019 PENT Forum by Dr. Austin Johnson. It has been summarized here to ensure accessibility.