Effective Strategies for Successful Teaching


Table of Contents

Foundation: Interactions between Students and Teacher

PowerPoint Slides
Classroom Management Style

Time Efficient Procedures and Classroom Organization

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My Procedure Checklist
Behavior Support through Environmental Structuring and Teaching
Environmental Supports
Picture Schedule
Please Help Me/Please Keep Working
Notebook Organization Monitoring

Lesson Delivery That Enhances Learning

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Triangle of Learning
Research-based Reading Programs
The Unit Organizer
The Lesson Organizer
Bloom's Taxonomy for Creating Lesson Plan Outcomes
Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Form
Organizing Wheel
Star Chart

Behavior Support and Correction than Minimally Disrupts the "Flow of Instruction"

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Reinforcement Cube
Student's Diamond Approach for Classwide Behavior Support
Teaching New Behaviors
Classwide Systems to Cue, Shape, and Model Behaviors
Pit Crews
Our Rule/What is Fair
Classroom Rules, Key Elements
Classroom Observation Tool
Active Participation: Tools for your Engagement Tool Kit
Tips for Grouping Students
Teaching the 3 Keys to School Success
Keys to Success Evaluation
Active Listening Techniques
Thinking About My Inappropriate Behavior
Problem-Solving for Code of Conduct Violation
Teacher's Request for Behavioral Assistance
Incident Report Forms
Behavior Plans in California Flowcharts (Non-Emergency Intervention)
Behavior Plans in California Flowcharts (Emergency Intervention)
Using Daily Report Cards

Summary: What Every Teacher Should Know

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What Every Teacher Should Know to Enhance Learning and Positively Support Behavior



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