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Diana Browning Wright, M.S., L.E.P.

DianaPENT Co-Founder, Consulting PENT Director
Educational/Behavioral Consultant
Initiatives Director for Diana Browning
Wright, Inc.


Diana Browning Wright is a nationally renowned educator on topics related to behavior, assessment, intervention planning, responding to student threats of violence, effective teaching, behavioral RTI and effective classrooms for students with emotional/behavioral disorders. She has been nationally recognized for her work and regularly publishes articles on her research. She is on the faculty of the LRP national special education legal conventions.  

Diana is the former lead author for four editions of California Department of Education's Positive Interventions for Serious Behavior Problems, the manual on functional analysis assessment and interventions required by California Ed Code prior to AB 86's revocation of some elements of the "Hughes Bill" and implementing regulations.

Diana enjoys working with diverse school faculties and systems across the nation to achieve high outcomes for all students. She has taught and/or assessed students at all grade levels-preschool through graduate school and enjoys consulting on difficult systemic and behavioral issues. Her passion is sustaining reform efforts, building Communities of Practice, assessment linked to interventions, effective differentiated instruction, solving systemic barriers and resolving challenging behavior problems. Her most current research is in collaboration with Dr. Clayton R. Cook, University of Washington, on behavioral RtI, and most recently involves methods of addressing belief barriers to system change.

Diana is the author or co-author of multiple PENT Publications, including BIP-QE II, BIP Desk Reference, and many articles and books for LRP Publications, www.shoplrp.com. Her most recently published book on traumatic brain injury and necessary behavioral and academic supports  available through www.shoplrp.com.



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