PENT Forum 2015

Section 1:

Presentation: PowerPoint Slides

Needs for School-Based Mental Health: Handout

BIP, Counseling or Both? You Be the Judge: Handout

Problem-Solving Non-Responsive Students: Handout


Section 2:

Presentation: PowerPoint Slides

Direct Treatment Protocol: Purpose, Example Review, and FAQs: Handout



Direct Treatment Protocol Form (Revised) - PDF version | Word type-in version

Direct Treatment Protocol: Frequently Asked Questions

Marcia's Direct Treatment Protocol

Description: Personalized De-Escalation Strategizing for Students with Explosive Behavior

Progressive Response to Classroom Problem Behavior: PROMPT Method

Blank Form: Personalized Prevention and De-Escalation Plan for a Student with Explosive Behavior - PDF version | Word type-in version

Marcia’s Personalized De-Escalation Plan

Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) in a Nutshell

Practicewise and MATCH-ADTC Protocol

Polo's Direct Treatment Protocol

Systematic Desensitization for Selective Mutism

Using Social Reinforcement in School Settings

A Basic Introduction to CBT Principles


Breakout Sessions:

Group-Based Interventions for Studentís with ďCanít DoĒ Problems - presented by Dr. Clay Cook: Handout


Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Students with ASD - presented by Ann England:
Slides | Handout


Subjective Units of Distress Scale - presented by Cindy Wong: Handout
The Incredible 5-Point Scale - presented by Vira Caro-Michel: Handout


MindUp - presented by Diana Browning Wright: Handout

Framing a Future, A Tool for Life Planning: Teaching Leisure Skills - presented by Rebecca Valero: Slides | Handout

Young Men’s Group - presented by Clinton Eatmon: Handout

Communication Form and Function Matrix - presented by Laura Anderson and Rebecca Peck: Handout

Itís a Match! Applying In-Vivo Supports to Students with Mild-Severe Intellectual Disabilities - presented by Dr. Scott Gutentag: Handout

Making Behavioral Observations Useful in the Assessment Process | Presentation Slides - presented by Dr. Bruce Gale: Slides | Handout

Coping Power Program - presented by Elena Alvarez: Handout

Coping Cat - presented by Elena Alvarez: Handout


PENT Leadership Team 2015



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