PENT Forum 2012: Linking Supports Across Tiers

Table of Contents

Keynote Address

Problem Behavior: From Treatment to Prevention by Dr. Brian Iwata, University of Florida

School Wide Interventions: Simplifying the Message by Dr. Michael Elium, University of the Pacific

Panel Discussion: Changes in Mental Health Services

Overview of Changes Related to AB 114 by Stacey Wofford, Education Programs Consultant, California Department of Education

General Characteristics of Defiant and Disruptive Children by Dr. Bruce Gale, Clinical Psychologist, PENT Leader

Mental Health as a Related Service by Vincent Hernandez II, Coordinator IV-Psychological Services, San Joaquin County SELPA

Mental Health Models: Selected Documents and Information from the CDE Website compiled by Dr. Valerie Samuel, PENT Leader

Legal Updates

The Law of Behavior by Marcy Gutierrez, Esq.

Year in Review: Legal Update on FAPE and Behavior by Caroline A. Zuk, Esq.

Breakout Sessions: Tier One, Two, and Three Strategies

A. Understanding and Addressing Self-Injurious Behaviors

B. Tips and Strategies for Consultation and Team Coordination

C. Technology to Enhance Social Skills and Student Motivation

D. Using PBIS Software to Improve Student Outcomes by Dr. Stewart Pisecco

E. Behavior Supports for Some: Tier 2 Interventions

F. Bullying Behaviors: Challenges and Strategies by Judith Schubert

- Building Effective and Efficient Bully Prevention Systems within the Context of Positive Behavior Support by Dr. Scott Ross, Utah State University

- Bullying and Hate-Motivated Behavior Prevention, California Department of Education


PENT Leadership Team 2012

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